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This seminar is an enjoyable and interesting way to learn about the field of finance using  case studies and illustrations so that financial concepts can be intuitively understood. This is not a seminar on accounting or bookkeeping. There are no “debits and credits” and the seminar does not contain complex financial or mathematical formulas. It includes a case study of an existing public company, and illustrates financial concepts in an easy-to-understand way.  All seminar attendees receive a course handbook which includes a case study of an existing public company and will be your handy reference after the seminar is done. 

  • How to Invest with Reduced Risk
  • How to Read an Annual Report
  • Who is Who in the Global Economy

This seminar is perfect for:

  • Attorneys
  • Sales and Marketing professionals
  • Engineers
  • IT professionals

Full Day



Don’t see a seminar that’s for you? Contact us and let us custom design one for you!! We can integrate our materials and yours to make a seminar that fits your unique needs.

Are you a professional or an executive that needs to know more about finance, but does not have the time to attend a seminar? We offer one-on-one training that makes the best use of your precious time.

Our seminar leaders have a wealth of experience in business and financial management. They use their knowledge to explain the key financial concepts you need to know, as well as key strategies and tips to make dealing with these matters easy. 

Learn the key financial concepts and strategies you need to know, including:

•        Foundations of Modern Accounting
•        Basic Equation of Finance
•        Financial Statements
•        Accounting Methodologies and Principles
•        Who Is Who in Financial Reporting
•        Private Company Accounting and Auditing
•        How Companies Hide Problems “Off Balance Sheet”
•        Key Numbers and Ratios
•        Present Value Concepts
•        Business Valuations
•        Basic Concepts of Financial Investment
•        Financial Fraud Schemes

 … and more!

The Financial Training Organization